Books from Kanaan (2) – A Selection
M.Basilea Schlink – Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary – M.Martyria Madauss
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Sown in Weakness, Raised in Glory
From the spiritual legacy of Mother Basilea Schlink
168 pages, hard cover, full colour throughout

"A book that challenges me deeply - a prophetic book rooted in the Scriptures and reflecting a sacrificial walk of love with Jesus, our crucified, risen Lord. This will be a precious and effective encouragement in the lives of Christians facing the testings of the end times. Throughout this book Mother Basilea is constantly communicating how to walk the pathway of the cross with its glorious goal. For her, it is the only way of life, joy and victory."

"The content is marvellous in its depth and leads you into a new understanding of God and His heartbreak over our world."

"A fitting tribute to a much loved and greatly admired key thinker in these days."


New Age - From a Biblical Viewpoint
M. Basilea Schlink
32 pages, ISBN 3 87209 631 1
"I used to be a disciple of New Age ideology and belonged to esoteric sects. Everything in this book was familiar to me… Because of my direct involvement in the occult, I can bear witness that only Jesus Christ is the truth." Italy

Patmos — When the Heavens Opened
M. Basilea Schlink
128 pages, ISBN 0 551 00756 7
Today there is an increased interest in the Book of Revelation. The events seem to be unfolding before our eyes. Mother Basilea visited the isle of Patmos where the Apostle John received this revelation, and there the Lord opened the Book of Revelation for her.

Prince of Peace (Christmas Message)
M. Basilea Schlink
12 pages, colour photos
Peace without can only be achieved by peace within. This booklet shows the way.

Praying Our Way Through Life
M. Basilea Schlink
48 pages, ISBN 0 551 00641 2
"My whole life was transformed when I read Praying Our Way Through Life." Cuba

Ready When the Master Calls
The Evangelical Sisters of Mary
80 pages, ISBN 3 87209 671 0
The Story of Sister Andrea. "It is so down-to-earth, relevant and realistic - encouraging for ordinary people like myself." Indonesia

Realities of Faith
M. Basilea Schlink
144 pages, ISBN 3 87209 665 6
Faith-building stories for the Christian life. They also make wonderful reading for family devotions. The children will love the stories. And grown-ups find their faith strengthened and challenged as they get to know the mighty God as a loving, caring Father.
Realities Down Under
The Evangelical Sisters of Mary in Australia
64 pages, colour photos
- only available from the Australian branch -
"Refreshing proof that what happened in Germany 50 years ago is not a one-off experience, but is a continuing one wherever people are willing to take God at His word and to live according to His commandments." Australia
Repentance — The Joy-Filled Life
M. Basilea Schlink
96 pages, ISBN 1 897647 00 X
Is it really true? Yes, thousands have discovered it. This small book has helped to heal marriages and save lives. Repentance is a golden key to a joy-filled life.

Rock Music - Where from, Where to?
M. Basilea Schlink
52 pages, ISBN 3 87209 634 6
The shades and nuances in music can be very subtle, and the devil is an expert at making something appear harmless until you notice - often too late - what you have let yourself in for. That's why I'm so thankful for this booklet. Germany

Setting Our Hearts on Heaven
M. Basilea Schlink
128 pages, ISBN 0 551 00750 8
What comes after death? This realistic and biblical presentation challenges us to set our hearts on heaven, where Jesus is.

Someone Understands Our Fear
M. Basilea Schlink
16 pages, colour photos
You wish that someone could understand your fear. This booklet will show you that someone already does - Jesus.

Songs and Prayers of Victory (booklet with songs & prayers)
M. Basilea Schlink
84 pages, ISBN 3 87209 652 4
A selection of songs and prayers for every adverse situation.


"Songs of Jesus' Victory"
Companion cassette to "Songs and Prayers of Victory"
If you are not able to read music, have the booklet in one hand and listen to the tape at the same time - you will learn to sing the songs quickly and experience a powerful transformation when you feel down or under spiritual attack.

Songs for Spiritual Warfare (booklet with text & music)
M. Basilea Schlink
48 pages, ISBN 3 87209 635 4
Here we are offered spiritual armament for overthrowing satanic strongholds, freeing captives, cancelling curses and experiencing release from demonic bondage and oppression.

"Songs for Spiritual Warfare"
Companion CD to the booklet "Songs for Spiritual Warfare"
Powerful songs for defeating the enemy.


Spiritual Success - Or Something More?
M. Basilea Schlink
32 pages, ISBN 3 87209 632 X
Is there something more than a successful life? Yes!


Strong in the Time of Testing
M. Basilea Schlink
96 pages, ISBN 1 897647 03 4
As Christians face growing pressures, the need to prepare for the testing of our faith is urgent. We would never be able to bear the harassment and persecution in our own strength. Yet, as Mother Basilea shares, in Jesus Christ we can find all the grace we need to stand the test of suffering.

Terrorism and War - Where is God?
M. Basilea Schlink
16 pages, ISBN 3 87209 642 7
To quote one reader: "It would be easier to simply focus on the evil-doers of September 11… But, as Biblical believers, we ought to search deeper, asking questions, as Mother Basilea urges us to do, about the ultimate cause of such tragedies. While soldiers seek solutions on their feet, Christians ought to seek solutions on their knees." USA

The Blessings of Illness
M. Basilea Schlink
80 pages, ISBN 0 551 00446 0
Jesus can transform every trial and trouble into blessing, if only we trust in His love; if only we accept His will and follow His way.


The Hidden Treasure in Suffering
M. Basilea Schlink
96 pages, ISBN 1 897647 01 8
Cares - Strained Relationships - Fear - Illness - Weariness - Loneliness - Inner Conflict - Personality Problems - Unanswered Prayers - Untalented - Growing Old - Want and Need - Fear of Death - Unfair Treatment - Facing Hatred and Slander ...
From the wealth of her personal experience Mother Basilea shares how we can find the treasure that lies hidden in every trial and hardship.
The Holy Land Today
M. Basilea Schlink
368 pages, 5 sketch maps, ISBN 3 87209 610 9
The Holy Land comes to life - a guidebook with a difference! Pilgrims will find it an indispensable companion as they follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Others, unable to make a pilgrimage, will turn to this book again and again as they too, in spirit, relive those scenes of long ago. A book for all who seek a deeper and more personal relationship to Jesus.
The Joy of My Heart
M. Basilea Schlink
38 pages, ISBN 3 87209 623 0
Based on the Bible, simply expressed, but rich in content, the watchwords in this booklet are an ideal guide for everyday living, bringing us into a closer walk with Jesus.

The Priceless Pearl
M. Basilea Schlink
64 pages, colour photos ISBN 3 87209 646 X
This little book is a real joy. I keep it on my desk and often turn to it in the course of the day. It renews my strength, lightens the load, and fills my day with love. It helps me to serve Jesus more joyfully. Germany

The Royal Priesthood
M. Basilea Schlink
48 pages, ISBN 3 87209 654 0
In a perishing world crying out for help, messengers are needed who come from the presence of the living God. Today Jesus Christ, our great High Priest, is asking, "Whom shall I send?"

The Shield of Faith
M. Martyria Madauss
36 pages, handwritten, ISBN 3 87209 608 7
Short encouraging texts for the daily battle of faith against sin.
The Unseen World of Angels and Demons
M. Basilea Schlink
144 pages, ISBN 0 551 01240 4
As in the days of the Bible, God sends angels to guide His children in a world teeming with danger, both physical and spiritual. We are up against the powers and principalities of the unseen world. Yet for this battle in the heavenlies we are not alone. "Those who are with us are more than those who are with them" (2 Kings 6:16). May our eyes be opened to see.
The Weapon of Prayer
M. Basilea Schlink
40 pages, handwritten, ISBN 3 87209 607 9
Short texts to deepen our prayer life.

Those Who Love Him
M. Basilea Schlink
96 pages, ISBN 0 87123 609 5
"I had so many questions, but here I found the answer, and now I know the way." Sweden
Exploring the implications of Revelation 2 and restoring our first love.

Tidings of Great Joy (Christmas Message)
M. Basilea Schlink
12 pages
The wonder of Christmas often gets lost in commercialism. But the tidings of great joy were meant for the modern world too.

Trusting When Nothing Makes Sense
M. Basilea Schlink
12 pages, colour photos
It's easy to trust when things are going well, but what happens when the going gets hard and nothing makes sense?

Turning Defeat into Victory
Discipleship in the light of Romans
M. Martyria Madauss; 128 pages, ISBN 1 897647 09 3
Have you ever tried to get rid of a habit - and find you can't? Do you still think and do things you know are wrong, but can't stop yourself, even though you have given your life to Jesus? Do you have difficulty discerning the will of God? Then this book is for you. In simple, practical terms Mother Martyria spells out victorious Christian living on the basis of Paul's letter to the Romans. There is no such thing as a hopeless case, she concludes, since even our failures can be turned into a victory for the Lord if we move forward in faith. This is the meaning of true joy, which is dependent not on circumstances but on the assurance that God loves us as we are, but too much to leave us as we are.
Worship In His Presence
M. Basilea Schlink
80 pages, ISBN 3-87209-674-5
Giving God glory is man's highest calling. As we enter into the presence of God, our hearts are filled with a sense of awe and worship for His majesty and greatness.
You Will Never Be The Same
M. Basilea Schlink
192 pages, ISBN 0 551 00318 9
Prescriptions of "spiritual medicine" for 45 different sins. This intriguing book not only brings to light the sins that mar the Christian's life, but it also helps us to recognize them in our personal lives and points out the remedy.
Yours Is the Victory and Majesty
M. Basilea Schlink
96 pages, ISBN 1 897647 02 6
Readers' comments: A stirring, dynamic piece of literature. ? The insight it gives about future events is something every Christian should know. ? How wonderfully the Spirit explains everything to God's children!