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Kanaan is the home of the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, an international, interdenominational organization founded in 1947 within the framework of the German Evangelical (Protestant) Church. 
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The search for happiness is as old as the human race. If we but knew it, happiness is within reach of everyone. Happiness is knowing the heart of God, who made us and wants only the best for us. This we discovered as a community rising from the ashes of World War II. Like the children of Israel in days of old, we came to know His heart as He led us through the wilderness to our Promised Land, a piece of property we call Kanaan (German for 'Canaan').

The Fountain of the Father's Goodness, shown above, was built at Kanaan as a symbol of God's overflowing fatherly love. Seven of the Father's names in mosaic adorn the edge of the fountain, proclaiming that He is as His Word says: merciful and gracious, abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness (Exodus 34:6). You are now invited to discover God's loving heart for yourself.