Selling Your Soul to the Devil

The Deal
A man wanted to get married, but neither he nor his fiancee could afford a room. When he was drinking, an acquaintance advised him, 'Make a pact with the devil asking him for the necessary sum of money and write it with your own blood. Place the contract on the table at midnight and call three times in the darkened room, "Lucifer, come!"'
The young man followed this piece of advice. He cut his finger and wrote a request for a specific sum with the pledge to give his soul in exchange. At midnight he called three times, 'Lucifer, come!' Suddenly an eerie feeling came over him. Above him he saw a pair of gleaming red eyes. Then a pale hand reached across the table. The horrified man turned on the light. There on the table lay a wad of bank notes, adding up to the amount needed. The first piece of paper was gone and instead there was a new piece of paper with the words, 'Be at the crossroads at the top of the village tomorrow at midnight.'

From that point on the man felt very uneasy. He decided not to go to the crossroads the following night. However, as the time drew near, he was seized with a great inner compulsion to go after all. Pocketing his revolver, he set out. At the crossroads he saw a hideous figure - half man, half beast. He fired all his cartridges at the creature, which then disappeared before his eyes.

For the man himself the most puzzling part was that he still had the money and no one came to demand it back, saying that the whole thing was a joke. He paid for the room and got married. But he could never shake off the uneasiness he had felt since receiving the money. There were often times when he had the feeling that he was being pursued by evil forces. He began to have a haunted look, his face became lined, and his hair turned prematurely white. Hoping to find relief, he finally shared his experience with a few trusted friends. But, while he was speaking, they were startled from time to time by tapping on the window. Oddly enough, although the wooden shutters were closed, the tapping was not the sound of wood being tapped: it was the distinct sound of glass being tapped. In spite of this attempt to ease his mind, the disturbed man failed to find relief. The oppressiveness persisted.


'The soul I took from you was not even missed'
Could it be that Satan is asking you, as Ozzy Osbourne has him say in the song 'Lord of This World'? -

'You made me master of the world where you exist.
The soul I took from you was not even missed...
You turn to me in all your worldly greed and pride,
But will you turn to me when it's your turn to die?'

Why the Attraction?
It is a fact that Satan can help a person acquire wealth and achieve success. He can give people great supernatural power. Many rock stars owe him their careers and have sold their souls to him in exchange. Thousands allow spells to be recited over them, and through occult forces they are outwardly healed; but their souls become sick as a result.

The closer we get to Satan, the more we are enticed by sin. The more we give in to sin, the more power Satan gains over us. He tightens his grip on his victims, not resting until he has destroyed their personalities and ruined everything that could have meant life and happiness for them.

A Chain Reaction
Do you know the constant nagging of a guilty conscience, the terrible chain reaction of one wrong deed leading to the next? Do you know the agonies of a drug addict craving his next fix? Can you imagine the oppressive fears of Satan's servants and worshippers, forced by him into sadistic, perverse activities and continually made to fulfil his inhumanly cruel wishes? Have you perhaps even sought contact with Satan yourself?

You long for joy, security, a fulfilled life. You want to be happy, but you've only been disappointed - with others and with yourself. There is someone who won't disappoint you. No words can describe the peace that will flow into your heart when Jesus Christ says to you, 'Your sins are forgiven.' Then even here on earth you will experience something of the joy that is to be found in heaven. Wouldn't you like to try this out?


Release and Transformation
Jesus Christ, and He alone, has the power to deliver us from the evil within us which, sooner or later, will be our ruin. He took our sin and guilt upon Himself and died for us on the cross to set us free from all that binds us.

Either - Or
It is either the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light. You have to decide which side you want to belong to. Satan and Jesus are both trying to win your soul: the one in his burning hatred and passionate longing to ruin you and your life for time and eternity, the other because He loves you deeply and wants to give you peace, joy and happiness now and for all eternity.

A young drug-addict was watching television when he fell into a deep sleep and dreamed about God and the angels and demons. Satan and the demons were yelling, 'He belongs to us!' But God and the angels said, 'No, he belongs to us!' Finally the demons had to stop and ran away screaming. His soul was alone, there in the light.

The choice is yours.

You may like to use the following as a prayer:

Jesus, I can feel the pull of Satan. I can sense how he wants to have me in his kingdom. But I refuse to be deceived by him any longer. I trust in Your love and believe that You are my Saviour and Redeemer. I now bring to You all the sins known to me, especially the times I became involved with Satan.
I trust in Your victory, because You shed Your blood on the cross for me and set me free from Satan's power. And so I renounce Satan and all demonic powers. To You, Lord Jesus Christ, I surrender my life. I want to choose Your kingdom, the kingdom of light. Satan has no more right to me, for You came in order to destroy the works of the devil - in my life too. Amen.

Adapted from Sympathy for Satan? and The Unseen World of Angels and Demons by M. Basilea Schlink.

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The Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, Darmstadt, Germany