Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings
In a world where the dynamics are constantly changing, what a relief to know that our God never changes. He is always there for us. His counsels will stand, and His plans are wonderful. He has His children’s best interests at heart. With Him, suffering is never the final outcome, for we have a God of hope!
As we now look forward to celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, let us focus on Him, the Light of the world – the theme of a Christmas message by Mother Basilea Schlink:
Christmas – the festival of many lights. Christmas trees are decorated with lights, and small children, enraptured by their brightness, reach out for them in delight. They don’t know yet that Christmas lights are only a symbol for Jesus, the Child in the Manger, who came down to this earth as the Light of the world. His light, God’s Word tells us, shines especially on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death (Isaiah 9:2; Luke 1:79).
At Christmas the Child Jesus wants to come to us in this world of ever-growing darkness and chaos. He has come especially for those living in darkness. He wants to bring them light, which means joy. This is good news at a time when death is taking its toll the world over. Countries are ravaged by violence, conflict and war. Terrorists are a menace to humanity as they kill and destroy. With these forces rampant today, nearly everyone lives under threat of death.
Now it is Christmas again and time to celebrate the coming of Jesus. The Child in the Manger wants to make His home in us as the Light of the world. As the Eternal Light He has the power to overcome the darkness and dispel gloom, distress and despair. The Son of God came to earth as the Eternal Light. Love is the source of His radiance. This is what gives brilliance to His light. This is why it breaks through the most profound darkness. Nothing can extinguish this light, not even extreme affliction. Jesus is a Sun that no darkness can eclipse. His light penetrates the darkness and transforms it.
Christmas tells us: Let Jesus, the Child in the Manger, fill your thoughts. Look to Him for help. He has a solution to your problems and can turn your life around. You will experience for yourself that He is the Light of the world, who brings light to each one of us. He shines into our gloom, distress and sorrow, giving us victory. His love is stronger than all the hate and killing that is making our world such a dark place today. And He is with us, filling our hearts with light and comfort. We will never be alone, because He is there.

(Adapted fom Christmas – A Light Shines in the Darkness)
What an assurance to take with us into the new year!

Wishing each one of you the Lord’s richest blessings for Christmas,
The Sisters of Mary in Darmstadt, Germany



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