Holy Week and Easter

Datum: 27.03.2018

Jesus in Gethsemane

As we approach Good Friday, we remember the amazing love of Jesus, which took Him to Calvary – all for us. Yet for some, this can be a particularly lonely time of year. A closer look at the Passion narrative tells us that Jesus understands what it means to be alone and rejected. We have a God who cares.
“In Gethsemane the angels would have grieved to see their Lord and Creator frail and vulnerable, exposed to the attacks by diabolic spirits. Pain and compassion would have welled up in the Father’s heart to see His Son tremble and shudder. For our sakes He steeled His heart. Now the Son cried out, ‘My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me!’ (Matthew 26:39 NIV). We cannot begin to imagine the pain that shot through the Father’s heart. He is the source of all fatherhood; His very nature is love. Here was His Son pleading with Him to help, and He could not. A second cry pierced the air and reached the Father’s heart. ‘My Father,’ cried His Son in anguish. Sweat broke out like drops of blood as the Son wrestled with death. Still no answer came. We cannot tell who suffered more. The Father had to watch His Son writhing and stand by, doing nothing….”
Jesus entered the depths of our pain and loneliness – so that we could know the love of God in all its fullness. No one is beyond His reach. A friend with a pastoral ministry shared with us: “A few weeks ago this guy started coming to church. Three times divorced and living on his own, he seems really lonely. Anyway, I gave him your prayer He Knows and Cares. He typed it up and had it framed. Now it stands in my kitchen to bless anyone stopping by for a chat over a cup of coffee. I keep a ready supply of printed copies nearby for anyone interested.”
Quoted from M. Basilea Schlink: Behold His Love (adapted);
He Knows and Cares



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