For Holy Week and Easter

Peter is especially illuminated in this photo of “The Sleeping Disciples” monument at the entrance to our Prayer Garden at Kanaan. Peter, who genuinely loved Jesus, promised, “I’ll never forsake You, even if everyone else does.” For all his fine words, Peter – when it came to the crunch – denied ever knowing his Lord. Yet one sad look from Jesus brought the tough fisherman to repentance.
Can we identify with Peter? Have we, too, failed Jesus when the pressure was on? When the cost seemed too high?
Against a backdrop of intrigue and human failure, the Passion story speaks of redemption. There is an underlying note of hope. Good Friday is followed by Easter – and restoration. For us too, Easter joy and resurrection await us if we walk through darkness and suffering with Jesus.
In the words of a prayer by Mother Basilea:
Hope Reborn
Though darkness is all around me,
I wait for day to break.
Though I’m going through hell,
I know I am on my way to heaven.
Though deserted and alone,
I am held in the Father’s embrace.
Though enticed by the tempter’s voice
a thousand times, I will not listen a single time.
Though conscious only of sin and death within,
I live in expectation of a resurrection.
Though desolate and despairing,
I look forward to a fresh start.
Though crushed and broken, deeply wounded,
I am trusting You to love me back to wholeness.
Never, Lord Jesus, would You abandon me
to guilt and death, for You are love, only love.
From Shine Light into my Darkness by M. Basilea Schlink
For further reading:
Behold His Love: Devotions on the Passion of Jesus
by M. Basilea Schlink


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