Kanaan Message for Today


God the Father wants to have His children close to Him. He sends us various troubles and trials in order to draw us back to Himself. But usually we do not welcome these messengers sent to recall us. We grow angry and defiant. And then we wonder why we do not receive the love, gifts and help we expected from the Father. He seems far away.
In every hardship caused by people or circumstances, let us hear the loving voice of God pleading with us to repent. Let us turn to Him with all our hearts. God in His fatherly love longs for us. He wants to have fellowship with us. He wants to make us truly happy in this loving union with Himself. It was for this reason that He created us and Jesus Christ saved us. So welcome the messengers He sends to draw you back to Himself.


Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink




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